​​​​​​in the Gateway area. Half the building is occupied by the opener's company and the remainder is divided into various suites located on two floors.

"We looked to Lena Munther at Munther Design to create a space that was beautifully unique, dynamic and reflective of our company culture and business and that could handle our rapid growth while remaining functional.. Plus we still had to work within a budget. Costs still mattered. ...more​​

Keith Sullivan, Managing Partner

"It's not easy to have an idea in one's mind and then find an individual who can bring it to life. Lena is very gifted and has the uncanny ability to truly understand what your dream is and then bring it to reality​... more

David Behan, Founder, 2005, Hunt Valley, MD


FX Studios, is the nation's first large format, ultra high -fidelity salon and spa. This salon was designed in an 11,700 sq. ft raw warehouse to provide clients with a personalized salon and spa experience, allowing for a 

A 16,000 sq. ft. raw warehouse was transformed to state-of-the-art veterinarian hospital facility specializing in dogs and welcoming other animals with orthopedic and rehabilitation needs.

​Honorable Award by Veterinary Economics –
​Best Veterinary Facilities in the U.S., 2009


Winner of NAIOP Award 2008 MD –

Best Interiors in a Mid-rise Building

A brand new 75,000 sq. ft. office building contracted

"We enthusiastically recommend Munther Design without any reservation or hesitation. We came to Munther Design because of her work with FX Studios in Hunt Valley, MD, ... more


Drs. Sherman & Debra Canapp,

Owners, 2008, Annapolis Junction, MD


In 2010 Crossroads Integrative Medicine Center represented by Dr. Warren Ross approached us regarding


230 Shilling Circle, Hunt Valley, MD

Concept to Completion build-out of 20,000 sq ft executive office space. Construction of raw warehouse space took place in two phases during 2011-2014.

comfortable unisex atmosphere. A 7,000 sq. ft personal training facility, Life FX, was added in 2006.
9001 Mendenhall Court, Columbia, MD

"Working with Lena Munther-Anderson on the creation of Ranazul was an exceptional experience. ... more

Linda Doolittle, Owner, 2007 Maple Lawn MD.

"We have worked with Lena Munther-Anderson for the past 5 years and have found her dedication to the job, work ethic, creativity and overall professionalism to be far above anyone we have ever worked with in the design field. ... more

Tim Evankovich, President and Partner,

2008 Columbia MD

a refurbishment of one of the suites in his medical building. We proceeded to design and build the first of several suites; Physical Therapy at Crossroads.

This very first project quickly turned into a more comprehensive 

rebuilding not only of all major suites but also grew to include development of Marketing & Branding for the entire group consisting of five entities.

By use of color coding each suite is represented by it's own color combination which then is followed through in all marketing and printing material. We are currently re-building The Apothecary which will include an extraordinary "Teaching Kitchen" to allow clients/patients signing up for cooking classes and learn more in-depth healthy cooking, supplements and use of herbs for healing as well as many other techniques.

refurbished in August 2006. Creating an environment that's welcoming and accommodating for wine merchants, restaurant personnel and people within the trade. 

​The owners like their location so much that they also use the 5,500 sq.ft. administration, full kitchen and meeting room to host fundraisers and like meetings.

Previously a tool shop for contractors, this 20,000 sq.ft. building was completely 
friends to meet and share delicious food and fine wine. The 5,000 sq. ft. restaurant seats 150 guest and has an on-site gallery and bar areas with outdoor dining for an extra 25 guests during season.​


Ranazul was designed as a place for