Furniture & Fixtures

As a design project enhanced option, Munther Design offers furniture and fixture services. This includes concepting, sourcing, customization and installation of furniture and furnishings. We often design custom furniture to fit a project’s needs and styles. With our vast list of custom suppliers we are able to source custom quality pieces for most budgets. Furniture and fixtures services may include lobby furniture, office system furniture, decorative light and plumbing fixtures, wall coverings, floor materials, tiles, window shade systems and more.

With many years of experience within the industry, we have learned which brands and suppliers to trust and what cost of quality should look like. E-commerce has changed the industry making an array of options available at the fingertip, with consumer preference leading to the best photography and lowest price. This unfortunately denies customers the chance of knowing what they are actually buying, how durable it will be and what level of service to expect, often leading to disappointment.